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Welcome to the world of activities and events which will ensure you are both enjoying your sixth form life and also gaining experience and valuable expertise outside the classroom. You will take up the opportunities we present and develop areas of expertise as well as learning new skills and personal attributes. Don’t just do something you are already confident about, try something new!

We are really keen for you to take the lead and develop the GEAR enrichment programme yourselves, so please don’t hesitate to come and see us with ideas for any activity you want to develop.

Also, remember, if you are doing any extra courses or clubs or voluntary activities outside of school, bring the details in to your form tutor.  They can sign off hours if they think that it is a valid GEAR activity.


Amnesty International                       


The Challenge                                    

Chess and Games Club                                  



Christmas Carol concert        

Creative Writing                                

CSI club                                  

Debating Society                                               


Duke of Edinburgh Award                  

EAL Mentoring                                               

Film Club                                            

Gardening Club                                              

G Fest (Events management)            

Gym Instructor Award                                   

Ham House                                        

House Activities                                 

ICT Group                                                         

Jazz Band                                            


Language for holiday makers            

Life Guard training                            

Livingstone Tanzania Trust                

Mother tongue groups                       

Music Technology                              

Music theory                                      

Open University YASS                        

One to One Mentoring                     

Orleans House Gallery                       

Paired Reading                                 

Peer Mentoring                                 

Philosophy and Film                           


Recycling club                                                

Refereeing course                             

Restorative Approaches                     


School Newspaper                                         

Science Club                                       

Scuba Diving                                                  

Sixth Form Newsletter                                   


Sport Leaders in the Community                      

St John’s Ambulance training

Student Library Assistant                   

Teacher support                                             

Technical theatre                               

THE CHALLENGE                                

Visual Media Production unit            

White Spider climbing wall               

Year 7 Support club                                       

Young Enterprise