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The entire Grey Court community is very excited about welcoming you to our OUTSTANDING school. We have been judged by the DFE as one of the “100 most improved schools in the country.” Our sixth form motto is, “the excellent becomes the permanent” and as such our sixth form culture challenges all of its members to leave behind them an exceptional academic, cultural and social legacy that will enrich their own lives and inspire the generation that follows it.

We offer a wide breadth of  subjects to study at all levels which includes a range of 22 A-levels and BTEC level 3 qualifications in Business Studies, Music Technology and Health and Social Care.  Our provision is delivered by outstanding teachers who are experts in their field. 


Our state-of the art, five million pound, purpose built, sixth form centre contains four ICT rooms, 10 light filled classrooms, three spacious science laboratories, seminar rooms, a multi-media Mac suite, a library specially tailored to post-16 needs; and an innovative drama studio where we will put on only the very best performances.  The building also includes a modern fitness suite, which provides work, leisure and educational opportunities to all of our sixth formers.

Situated in 22 acres of tree lined grounds,  our first class facilities include immaculately maintained football and rugby pitches, two sports halls and access to Ham tennis club with its own clubhouse.  We are a stone’s throw (or oar’s length) from the River Thames where our students make regular use of prime sailing, canoeing and boating opportunities.  As our school lies in the centre of historic Ham village, we benefit from being only five minutes cycle from Richmond park – where our annual sixth form bi-athlon is held.  In addition, we are thirty minutes - by public transport - from the centre of London so that our students have the advantage of this international city’s considerable cultural and economic riches.


We offer students a personalised mentor programme.  They will be in small ‘mentor groups’ with a dedicated and experienced sixth form mentor who will help and guide them through the sixth form and into adult life. Our mentor programme is underpinned by the “philosophy for children ideology” and so students spend their time debating, hypothesising, rationalising and thinking creatively in their mentor times. Students will see their mentor every day and in addition have regular one-to-one academic mentoring meetings where an individual education plan is draw up for EVERY student.

Community – Action – Service

All Grey Court students are expected to complete thirty hours of community service in year 12.  We have contacts with over 50 charitable agencies ranging from our sixth form charity  - Kids for kids – which supports community projects in Darfur, to the National Trust volunteering scheme at the stately home, Ham house.

Lead science and maths school

Grey Court is recognised as a “teaching school” and our practitioners are major innovators in the delivery of the mathematics and science curriculum.  This fact is manifested in our sixth form where a significant proportion of our students study mathematics and up to three science subjects.  We know that these students will be highly valued by employers and so have cultivated links with the Crick institute and the National Physics laboratory.  Sixth formers benefit from a dedicated science mentor who helps them develop the practical and theoretical skillset, they will need to succeed in their appliance of science!  They are also receive guided tutorials for their applications to university science summer schools as well as medical and veterinary courses.

Careers and Higher Education

All students have access to the expertise of our trained higher education officer who through one-to one interviews, seminars and presentations, creates a personalised programme to facilitate their path into a range of national and international higher education destinations.  All of our students are also provided with work experience placements at a number of highly respected companies at the  end of year 12 through the tireless work of our careers officer.

Oxbridge and Medicine

We believe that we offer a first class education that is second to none.  As such it is a clear expectation that our sixth form students will win places at the country’s leading universities.  Grey Court already has a significant network of Oxford and Cambridge alumni whose expertise we draw upon.  We offer students a personal Oxbridge mentor and tailored Oxbridge programme throughout their time at sixth form.  We work closely with academics from Churchill college, Cambridge and Clare college, Oxford, to ensure that our students compete on an equal footing with their private school counterparts.  In addition students who want to pursue careers in the fields of medicine and vetinerary science are provided with a personal mentor who guides them through the process from day 1 of their time with us.


The well-being programme at our school is focused around ensuring that students develop the emotional intelligence and resilience to successfully cope with their academic studies.  As such we provide students with access to a trained sixth form counsellor and run regular yoga and mindfulness sessions for our students to engage in.


At Grey Court provision for SEN and EAL students is embedded through the KS5 curriculum.  Our aim is to work closely with parents and carers to provide an additional support students need  - be it a scribe, adapted learning programmes, or access to the latest technology - in order to realise the potential of every individual.

An International Outlook

New ideas and experiences lead to innovation and broaden everyone’s outlook.  That is why we welcome applications from international students as we know that they enrich the  Sixth Form experience of EVERYONE.  Currently international students make up about 5% of our year group and cover a world wide spectrum with applications coming from America, Shanghai, Columbia, Germany, France and Italy and Spain.  All of our external students are provided with a mentor, and a student “buddy” in order to make the transition from different countries, continents and education systems as smooth as possible.


Grey Court has been judged an outstanding school by OFSTED and we foster a culture of continuous crusade for all of our staff and students.  We use the ALPS  (A-level performance system) as one measure of judging our success and aspire to be in the top ranks of this chart when our first results are realeased in the summer of 2015.  Our school has a thriving alumni network  - many of whom have risen to the top echelons of public and private life - who are invited back every year to our Founder’s evening in order to pass on a progressive and successful mindset to our current sixth form students.