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Sixth Form Open Evening   Thursday 6th November 2014

Dear Parent/Carer,


I am delighted to invite you to our Sixth Form Open Evening on Thursday 6th November 2014 from 6.30 -8.30pm. This is the first time the event will be held in our brand new five million pound, state-of-the-art, Sixth Form Centre. 

During the course of the evening you will be able to meet Sixth Form staff and students, take part in A-level activities, tour the site, meet our higher education officer and listen to a key note speech from the Sixth Form leadership team.

You will learn about our academic ethos, teaching philosophy, enrichment programme and community engagement scheme.  In addition we will provide a clear explanation of the difference between a personalised school based Sixth Form and a college experience.

I am very proud of the creativity, ambition and warmth of our current year 12 cohort as well as the drive and focus of our teaching staff.  I know they are very much looking forward to welcoming a new band of positive and forward thinking individuals (as well as their positive and forward thinking parents) into our vibrant Sixth Form.

If you have any questions about the evening or the Sixth Form enrolment process, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Clements

Assistant Head teacher: post 16 education  


Although we recommend that you see us in person on results day, if you are away, then you can nominate a parent to enrol for you.  If you find out that you have missed the grade boundaries required to gain a place at the sixth form, then we can speak to a parent on your behalf.  PLEASE email Mr Clements ( with a contact number so we can speak to you on the 21st or 22nd August. 

Please make sure that your parent informs us by email that they are going to collect your results or speak to us on your behalf prior to results day.

We are aware that a number of students are planning to be away on holiday or at festivals.  We have set up a “festival fast track” table for results day so that those students’ forms can be processed quickly. 

                                             Have a good holiday….see you on 21st!

(For contact with us, please use the email address)



The entire Grey Court community is very excited about the opening of our Sixth Form and 21st Century new Sixth Form block in September 2014. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that you are successful in obtaining a place to continue your study at Post 16 level.  

Extensive planning and preparation has been in place to ensure that our sixth formers have an Outstanding Experience each and every day at the Grey Court Sixth Form. An Outstanding school already, we will ensure that our teachers and sixth form mentors continue to provide our sixth formers with outstanding learning experiences that inspire you to achieve beyond your aspirations.

You will have a wide breadth of subjects to choose from at all levels. Your learning will be facilitated by teachers judged as outstanding in all areas. Your care and guidance will be second to none. All this set in a £5 million, 21st century block built exclusively for sixth form education.

Our ethos is centred on a passion to develop the whole young person. Maya Angelou wrote “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. We extend that sentiment to our sixth form students and we will work with you to ensure at Grey Court we make all our students and sixth formers feel that they have the ability and support to achieve to their very highest level. We work hard to ensure that as a community we all have the skills and self-belief to compete and flourish in a changing educational and social environment, no matter how challenging.

Our aim is simple; to make you ready; for the world of work; for Oxbridge; for the Russell Group of Universities or for whatever you aspire to do as an adult. We will offer you a sixth form full of enrichment and advancement opportunities that help you beyond the acquisition of the qualification. Our mentoring and guidance will ensure that you are prepared for your chosen path or will inform you of the paths available. We will widen your knowledge of the opportunities that adulthood will have, if you are prepared to work hard for them – beginning with your years at the Grey Court Sixth Form.


What’s different?

Sixth form at Grey Court will feel very different for our sixth formers. First and foremost our sixth formers will be treated as young adults and not school children. Independence, thriving adult relationships and facilitated learning opportunities will be underpinned by the expectations that come with young adult learning. No longer will you be in a 30 strong tutor group. Small ‘mentor groups’ with a dedicated and experienced sixth form mentor will help and guide you through the sixth form and into adult life. You can turn to this person for UCAS advice, student loan application help and for guidance conversations to help you deal with the transition to adulthood.

As a sixth former at Grey Court your lessons, lectures and workshops will be aimed at preparing you, not just for you’re A level exams but also, for University and 21st Century- working world. You will engage in debate and discussion, be expected to engage in learning in a very different way and form new ways of learning. As with a university, you will be expected to turn up to lessons prepared; having completed pre-reading, notes and be ready to have your concepts challenged in a seminar forum.

If you take A levels or other vocational qualifications we will offer you a young adult education but we do expect you to throw yourself into our studies and life at the Sixth Form with vigour.


Sixth Form Life

Your day to day life at Grey Court Sixth Form will be very different to school life. You will pick fewer subjects, studying 3 but usually 4 subjects in greater depth, normally for 3 double periods per week at least. You will have a choice of a broad range of A Level, Level 3 and 2 subjects that match your high aspirations and previous attainment. As well as lessons academic enrichment opportunities such as debating, critical thinking, Mandarin and Latin will enhance your time in sixth form as well as your UCAS statement.

One thing that will be similar to the lower school is a rigorous focus on your success. Regular intervention and help will still be provided should be struggling or be challenged with particular elements of academic study. Dedicated teachers will ensure that you hit your targets and beyond through interviews, focussed intervention and personalised planning. We care abut your success and this will not change.

Beyond the academic we will be offering a thriving Enrichment program. We will be widening our sporting portfolio to offer you competition at the highest level in our traditional sporting success areas but will be adding new areas such as Rowing, Weightlifting, Dance and many other areas. We will also be offering great opportunities through our Raise and Give Week, Community Action and the wide ranges of international trips that only a sixth form can provide.




We are very excited by our £5 million 21st Century Sixth Form block which is in the building process; which will open for our new Sixth Formers in September 2014. The sixth form block has been designed to ensure the curriculum and students can thrive.

Four ICT rooms, 10 classrooms, three science laboratories, seminar rooms and a MAC suite for Visual Performing Arts will ensure that our Sixth Formers learn in the very best environment and one that replicates a university or work learning experience. As well as these a brand new Drama studio will ensure we add to our ability to put on the very best performances and a modern Fitness Suite will give work, leisure and educational opportunities for all of our Sixth Form students.

WIFI and free access will be installed across the entire site to facilitate our Bring Your Own Device learning aim. We want our sixth form students to have a 21st century experience and encourage devices in the school as another learning tool. For many students devices will be provided to enable them to fully engage in sixth form life.


As your child moves into Sixth Form s/he will want and demand greater levels of independence. We want to support their journey whilst knowing that we are still the adults, the stewards,  their  guides for their success. The relationships can become strained and challenging, so we have attached a short “Coaching your teenager ..helping them to get the best out of school and college”  booklet which we think might be informative.

We hope you find it helpful and that you will support us to maintain the already strong triangulated relationship between School, Parent and Student in the Sixth Form.

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