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Work Experience

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Year 12 Work Experience

Link to WEX 2018 Placement Form

WEX Intro Presentation

Why is work experience valuable?
Work experience provides you with the opportunity to develop and demonstrate employability skills for future careers. Completing a placement can demonstrate your passion and commitment to your area of interest. It will also give you the opportunity to network, make contacts, enhance your CV with skills and a reference or UCAS application and offer an insight into a particularly industry or organisation.
What you need to know
•             Work experience takes place 15th-19th July 2019
•             Every placement will need to have completed the WEX Placement form (see links)
•             Deadline for finding placements is February half term 2019
Top tips
•             Be organised - start looking early to get the best placements, many schools are out at the same time so they will be in competition for places
•             Research into career ideas to see which companies you could look at
•             Use your contacts! Ask family/friends/neighbours/teachers/careers adviser if they have any ideas
•             Look at university courses and see which ones require work experience/shadowing e.g. Medicine, Dentistry, Teaching, Nursing, Veterinary
•             Talk to year 13 – see if there are any placements they would recommend
•             Look at company websites e.g. Sky, Kew Gardens, JP Morgan, BBC, NPL, Haymarket etc.
When applying…..
•             Find out the name of the contact person for WEX or HR Manager
•             Contact by email/letter
•             Make personal contact by picking up the phone
•             Follow up if no response – it shows you are keen and enthusiastic
•             Make sure you have a CV available
•             Have a formal covering letter or email explaining who you are and why you want to work at that company
Advice and support in school
•             See Bernie Corrighan (Careers Adviser) to explore career ideas
•             Check the work experience board in the 6th form regularly
•             If you like any of the placements from last year let us know and we can put you in   touch with them
•             Friends and Founders Evening – Thursday 13th December 6.30pm-8.30pm