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Grey Court school has made exceptional progress and once again has produced outstanding academic results this year. This remarkable and sustained turn around in our achievements has been realised by galvanising the spirit and expertise of our governors, parents, staff and local community. The advancement of Grey Court is due to our belief in the pursuit of an appropriate and aspirational academic curriculum and an ethos which is characterised by the desire for perfection; supported by a staff who are totally committed to the social, moral and spiritual development of our young people . All our efforts have paid off resulting in Grey Court competing successfully at both a local and a national level. We have not rebranded or had to seek corporate support, there have been no new buildings or additional injections of money or resources over and above that afforded to us by Richmond local authority. Why is this important? As we move to the next stage in our ambitious plans for the school including the development of our 6th form, it is clear we have the expertise to ensure all students are safe, secure, happy and achieve their potential having been inspired to make a valuable contribution to their own communities. Ensuring all our students have an outstanding experience at Grey Court remains our mission. Please feel free to come and see the work that we are doing, you will be very welcome.

Maggie Bailey

A summary of the main results can be seen below, for detailed information on the results, please visit the DfE website by clicking here


  2010 2011 2012 2013
COHORT 138  166  130  177  212
% 5+ A*-C 84%  85% 93%  97%  81%
% 5+ A*-C inc. E and M 54% 67% 68%  78%  78%
% 5+ A* -G 96% 98% 96%  100%  99%
Average total points 457  498  496   522  484
Average capped points 330  346  358  368  356
% 3 Levels of Progress English 66% 77% 76%  83%  88%
% 3 Levels of Progress Maths 59% 74% 78%  85%  82%