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Community Engagement

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The Grey Court School Community

Our Community within the school is a diverse one. With over 50 languages spoken and multiple ethnicities, we are proud of our diverse community and seek to celebrate this diversity whenever we can. Our school community is a cohesive one. In a recent Ofsted Report “The extent to which students engage in the school and wider community” was rated as outstanding.

Grey Court and Our Wider Community

At Grey Court we aim to present a centre for the local community. We pride ourselves as being the “Ham Hub”; providing learning and sporting opportunities for all members of the community, young and old.

We are consistently seeking to engage and lead our local community. Through our offers, work and an unwavering commitment to the Ham Community we are able to help and develop opportunities for all members of the community.

Examples of the work we do:

  • Our Head chairs the Ham Working Together Group which has a significant impact on the well being and opportunities for local residents making changes to playing facilities, health and education for Ham residents.
  • "Hamming it Up", the Grey Court Community Choir which has a large membership of parents, teachers and local residents.
  • Adult ICT sessions: adults from the local community can improve their ICT literacy in scheduled classes run at the school.
  • Primary Schools: we engage our local primary schools in learning and resourcing opportunities to ensure access and development for the youngest members of our community.
  •  The Community Allotment: An endeavour to teach the community about sustainable food and growing while also bring members of the school and local community together in a shared project. Our allotment seeks to represent the diversity we have in the school and Ham.

All of our work is focussed on one thing; ensuring that Grey Court continues to serve our community, making it a catalyst for success and inclusion for all.

For further information please contact the school.