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Restorative Approaches

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Statement of Commitment to Restorative Approaches

Students have a right to expect fairness and a consistently applied approach for dealing with incidents of poor behaviour.

The Restorative Approach is one which is designed to put matters right and encourage better behaviour in future. It is inappropriate to impose a sanction which is designed to humiliate a student or students.

The school endeavours to involve students in the disciplinary process and apply, wherever possible, Restorative Approaches as the first step to repairing the harm done to the school or others. Restorative Approaches aim to resolve conflict in a calm and positive way prior to possible sanctions. They involve everyone who has been involved in a conflict or difficult situation coming together to find a way forward. At this meeting, everyone has the opportunity to talk about what has happened, how they have been affected and what needs to happen next. The meeting is structured so everyone has the opportunity to have their say and to listen to others. The next stage is for everyone to agree what needs to happen to put things right and to stop the same thing happening again.

All teaching members of staff, including the Senior Leadership Team, Phase Leaders, Student Support Officers and Heads of Faculty have been trained in restorative approaches. Grey Court School is widely regarded as a leading school in Restorative Approaches. Our work has been showcased locally, nationally and internationally.

Restorative Approaches In Action