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Grey Court School Sports Charter

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Grey Court School will:

  • Ensure that the same passion, enthusiasm and commitment that the P.E staff show is shared and embodied by the sporting ethos of Grey Court School.
  • Select students to participate based on attendance to extra curricular school clubs and commitment to school sport.
  • Students will be notified of their inclusion in the team by their teacher and by checking the boys & girls fixture notice boards, where team sheets will be displayed.
  • Team sheets will contain all details of the fixture and indicate when students should meet, where the fixture is and approximately what time we should return to school.
  • Team sheets will also go on the school intranet and will be sent home a week in advance by the e-bulletin to parents.
  • Ensure that all students are safe and enjoy the highs and lows of regular competitive school sport.
  • Will be reachable on the P.E mobile phones when at away fixtures on 07508 659065 or 07508 658957

I the Sports Performer will:

  • Embody the sporting ethos of Grey Court School and will always endeavour to try my best.
  • Ensure that I regularly attend extra curricular school clubs and demonstrate a personal commitment to school sport.
  • On being selected to play for a school team, I will ensure that I read the notice and notify my parents of the fixture and ask them to check the e-bulletin or contact the P.E Dept for further details if needed.
  • I will make sure that I have all my equipment for the fixture.
  • If I am unable to play for any reason, then I will let the member of P.E Staff know as soon as possible in order that another student may be selected instead.
  • I will always try my hardest and represent Grey Court School to the best of my ability.
  • I will catch up on any work I may have missed during the course of the fixture – for example where competition runs during the school day or leaves early in order to get to an away fixture

We the Parent/Carers will:

  • Support the sporting ethos of the school and encourage our young people to lead active and healthy lives – supporting their attendance at any extra curricular opportunities that they are interested in.
  • Check the e-bulletin for details about forth coming fixtures and will contact the P.E Dept if I have any queries or questions.
  • Give permission for my child to attend fixtures during the school day if selected and will support them in catching up any missed work.
  • Will contact the P.E teachers on the following mobile numbers if worried about students returning later than expected from a fixture.
  • PE Mobile phone numbers: 07508 659065 or 07508 658957