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Strategic Intent 1

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Strategic Intent 1: To establish a high expectations and success culture

  1. Students achieve their full potential and all students are provided with stretch and challenge in lessons.
  2. No groups of students underachieve; with no student NEET on leaving Grey Court.
  3. Behaviour of students matches the expectation of the community in terms of courtesy, respect and politeness so that the community remarks on politeness of Grey Court students.
  4. Students are aware of the expectations on them.
  5. Parents actively support the high standards of politeness and respect.
  6. Zero complaints from the general public.
  7. Students proud of their school and are ambassadors at all times.
  8. Students are aware of their responsibilities to themselves, their families and their communities.
  9. There are high levels of CPSHE provision.
  10. Levels of attendance are outstanding.
  11. There is a high level of participation in extra-curricular activities.
  12. Students have confidence in reporting issues to do with safety.
  13. Students know how to access referrals to student services.
  14. Effective anti-bullying strategies are in place.
  15. Students monitor their own fitness.
  16. Students adopt safe behaviour to and from school.
  17. Exclusion rates are low

S.I.P    2012/2013

S.I.1:Create a high expectation and success culture     Lead Person: MB/GB/TM

Development target



Success Management


Professional development needs

Impact on learning/ Progress against success measurement


Ensure we reach FFTD/4 levels of progress whichever is the more challenging

Figures on front sheet


Analyse ROL/own data

Secure 3 levels of progress

Staff start to use APS

Faculties set targets based on data


Spring term

Summer term

Reach the FFTD estimates

APS=B grade


CPD time

HOF – ROL and APS training

Staff ensure that students make appropriate progress at each progress check.

Curriculum planning is adapted


Embed teacher Planner

High expectation



Focus on delivery of GC5+ to focus on key features to achieve good/outstanding

Challenge under-performance

INSET start of term

All year

GC5 evident in all lessons

Students use GC write and markers to check work

Cost of folders

Coaching time

Learning forums

Individual teacher

% of good/outstanding lessons increase

Evidence of CRWM planning

Work scrutiny shows evidence of the progress

Progress tracking shows faster progress


Providing students with consistently good feedback so that they know

what steps they need to take to improve their grades


Whole school approach to marking and feedback

Students as learning partners

Autumn term

Spring term

Students books are marked effectively and students can articulate their next steps in line with skills and syllabus content

Embed learning ladders

CPD time

Resources for CPD

Learning forums

Individual teacher

Students take pride in their work i.e, outcomes

Exercise books

Performance in lessons

Exam and assessment  results


High expectation of Attendance/


Focussing on

FSM /vulnerable
/EAL/ all target groups


Maintain strategies in place

100 Club expand

More fir for purpose data

House System link

All year

Hit 96% attendance

Lower exclusion rate than 2011/12

Cost of 100 Club


All groups make good progress

Students in lessons examine the outcomes for lower attendance

Staff support students whose attendance is low

All students attendance is of at a high level


Reward system linked to House System


Link effort and progress

3 levels KS2-4

4 levels

All year

Students understand how they will make progress




Attitude to learning is positive

Students can articulate their learning needs


Self evaluation is accurate and robust



Middle Leaders



Both support and extends



Middle Leaders

Staff know where we are and what we need to do to achieve and by when