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Strategic Intent 3

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Strategic Intent 3: To develop a sustainable and high quality distributive leadership

  1. Succession leadership is evident in the school.
  2. Coaching is at the heart of developing leadership at middle and student level. Coaching provides support for staff to develop their enterprise skills e.g., initiative, risk taking, problem solving and creativity.
  3. Middle Leaders have access to professional development which supports access to senior leadership.
  4. Governors contribute to the strategic direction of the school.
  5. Leadership opportunities are provided for staff with initiative, drive and vision.
  6. Students have opportunities to train as mentors in Year 9 to mentor Year 7 in Year 10.
  7. Prefect system in place across the school.
  8. The collegium and house system feeds into the leadership of the school at all levels.

S.I.P    2012/2013

S.I.3: Develop sustainable and high quality distributive leadership
     Lead Person: MBA/AAL/NHE

Development target



Success Management


Professional development needs

Impact on learning/ Progress against success measurement


Development of Middle Leaders to take ownership of their areas with accountability


MLDP – NCSL based at Grey Court

Coaching programme to develop their skills 

All Year


ML are robust and accurate in their assessment of facilities strengths and action for development.

Increased rates of progress and reduction in variability between subjects

Time investment

Funding for coaching courses

CPD required re coaching

It is clear that the focus in on teaching

High rates of progress

Students are engaged and commitment to their learning

Students receive high quality teaching which will include effective feedback


To implement the new performance management


Publish timeline, new procedures and train staff

Keep to timeline


Paperwork completed and distributed

Exemplar targets distributed and discussed 


CPD as required

All aspects of PM related work at the school improves in accordance with the SMART targets


Development of students as leaders in their own learning and management of the school


Trained in GC5 lesson observation

Prefects contribute to management of the school



Students use language of GC5 and levels

Students take ownership of student voice


Training by AHT

Students are engaged in their own learning and concerned about the progress of other students


Development and realignment of associate staff to achieve best value


Associate staff review

PM targets in place and reviewed regularly



Associate staff contribute to planning and are prepared to be flexible in their job role


Maybe as an outcome of the review

Staff, parents and students are well served and the engagement of associate staff ensures the ethos of the school is palpable


Engagement of parents in evaluation of progress of the school


Parental engagement programme

Spring term

Parental responses to questionnaires increases.

Responses place the school in good/outstanding category

Staff AHT

Parents group may need training

Parents support their children with homework. clearly understand the importance of showing interest and commitment to their learning

Parents feel comfortable coming in to schools to seek or offer advice


Ensure staff needs are catered for and taken into account when planning for next academic year


Staff wellbeing programme

Autumn 2012

Attendance wellbeing questionnaire shows staff are happy in their roles

Cost of SLT time

In house

Staff prepared to “go the extra mile”

Understand discretionary effort