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Strategic Intent 4

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Strategic Intent 4: To build an innovative and life-long learning community with outstanding learning and teaching at its heart

  1. Ofsted grades the school Outstanding in learning and teaching
  2. Outstanding learning is characterised by high challenge, afl, independent learning, differentiation, effective use of IT, creativity, opportunities for student voice, learning to learn and high levels of engagement.
  3. Outstanding teaching is characterised by excellent investigative skills, creativity, self-management, self-awareness, team work, ability to communicate ideas, ability to solve problems and the willingness to grow and change.
  4. Learning is personalised for all students.
  5. The learning environment is inclusive and stimulating.
  6. Self-evaluation and reflection are at the heart of outstanding learning and teaching.
  7. Expertise is regularly brought into the school, e.g., coaches and mentors.
  8. Consultation with parents and students takes place through quality assurance, on-line consultations, reviews, public forums and parent, staff, student surveys.
  9. We analyse the learning needs of our community including local businesses and respond to them.
  10. Community groups regularly use school facilities including the allotment and gardens.
  11. Every faculty has links with local businesses.
  12. Professional development is personalised for each member of staff and outcomes are shared by all staff.
  13. Grey Court effectively contributes to the Independent/State School Partnership.
  14. The school works in partnership with our local feeder primary schools, other secondary schools and local community youth groups.
  15. The school is linked to universities and other vocational educational establishments.

S.I.P    2012/2013

S.I.4: Build an innovative and life-long learning community with outstanding learning and teaching at its heart
     Lead Person: MB/NH/JSM

Development target



Success Management


Professional development needs

Impact on learning/ Progress against success measurement


To engage primary schools

SLT/ line management

Use table tennis to engage students in sport

Use orienteering in literacy and numeracy

Use chickens to nurture and excite




GC plans and helps organise coverage and numbers of staff/students involved


School Funds

AHT to lead INSET for primary teachers

Primary schools to advise

Involvement of Grey Court students

Smooth transition

Vulnerable students are identified and supported pre-transfer


For Maths English and science faculty to link with local primary schools


To review curriculum looking for similarities and differences

To examine how transition arrangements and ensure all students

Spring Term

Transition continues to be smooth

GC curriculum reacts to developments at primary level and ability of students

Time for visits

Time to review curriculum 

As appropriate

Primary /secondary head teachers conference
Students are engaged with the curriculum and coverage is enhanced not repeated


For each faculty to deliver one activity per term which involves outreach work

SLT/Line management

Primary challenges

Teachers train primary colleagues

Grey Court choir

All Year

Attendance at challenges remains high

Involvement in concerts, competitions etc

Time and small budget for each challenge
Prepare, deliver and observe Employment of choir teacher

Middle Leaders

Primary school to advise

Secondary teachers become more aware of skills and needs of primary colleagues

Curriculum is altered so Year 7 are inspired and there are no dips in academic performance


GC leads quindrat and oversees work of the quindrat

Triads work

Raising achievement across the quindrat



All schools engage and value the work

£5000 from Education Richmond

SLT Training

Collaboration across the quindrat benefits all students

GC staff understand what these students have covered at primary school and build/embed


GC leads A* A

Project years 1-11
Longitudinal study of G+T students in borough

Summer 2012 ongoing

ER is clear about what works at each key stage re G+T students

£10,000 from Education Richmond

All schools involved

Collaboration across the borough benefits all G +T students