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Strategic Intent 5

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Strategic Intent 5 : To create and sustain an outstanding post 16 provision

  1. The one year plan has been done and is attached we are working on the 5 year amplification of strategic intents

S.I.P    2012/2013

S.I.5: Create and Sustain Outstanding Post 16 Provision
     Lead Person: AAL/MBA

Development target



Success measurement



Professional development needs

Impact on learning/ Progress against success measurement


Ensure a 21st Century Build that meets the school, sixth form and future needs.

Feasibility process liaison with all stake holders.

Review and maintain with Contractors.

Jan 2013 –Sept 2014

Staff judgement of need

FFE up to requirements

On time and on budget

£4,8 Million

Validus Management

HOK Architects


Through meetings SLT familiarity.

Curriculum enhanced by appropriate buildings to ensure best learning environment.


Ensure a 21st Century curriculum that anticipates and meets the needs of Post 16 learners.

Budget review and prudent resource planning

Internal Marketing with students to best meet their needs.

Level 2 and 3 Pathways clear for all learners In advance.

Risk Of NEET students identified and pathways put in place.

April 2013

Jan – June 2013

April 2013

April 2013

Budget meets needs of staffing and approved by JSM.

Students aware of all options and make informed choices.

Interviews held and pathways identified

Budget plan as based on new formula.


SLT Interviews plan

Year 11 PL

Feb 15th Training Day

HoF and Lead teacher training for curriculum development and delivery.

Exam Board specific training

Curriculum ensures fulfilment of ALPS / ALIS targets for all learners and beyond.


Ensure highly effective information advice and guidance for transition in and out of Sixth Form broken down by year group

SLT and CIAG meetings in 2013

Taster Day

Induction and information evenings

Careers days pre and during Sixth Form

UCAS training for staff and students.

Jan – June 2013

Feb 2013

June 2013

All meetings held and Students 
aware of all options and make
informed choices.

Program of days and links in place.

Successful completion of process and 100% offers

SLT for interviews

Specific resources for taster inclusive of cover.UCAS training for staff and students.

UCAS training for staff and students.


All students placed in work, training, FE or HE immediately after leaving.

100% acceptance for those choosing HE.


Ensure oversubscription and community popularity of Post 16 provision

Internal Marketing

One to One interviews for directed IAG

Wave 2 marketing

School Prospectus

Richmond Post 16 Partnership Prospectus

Jan – June 2013

120 students enrolled in both year groups at all times meeting Learning aims and full funding.

Cost for prospectus

Time for SLT interviews.

Wave 2 marketing costs.

October census and budget training for

100% funding received for all on roll.

100% of places filled.


Ensure CPD meets staff need and ensures embedding of Outstanding L&T pedagogy at Post 16 level

Joint Borough Training package

Performance Management Targets linked to 6th form.

Identification and specific training of lead teachers.

2013 – 14 CPD target for all is L&T in the Sixth Form

Feb 2013

Sept 2012 
– Oct 2013

All staff have voice in and benefit from training with cohorts

100% completion of linked PM Targets for October 2013

100% completion of linked PM Targets for October 2014

CPD Budget to be central.

Borough training budget

HOF to lead from Exam Board

Outstanding teaching and learning on internal and external measures.

Teaching and Learning ensures fulfilment of ALPS / ALIS targets for all learners and beyond.


Ensure an Enrichment  programme that inspires and provides base for the Grey Court Education and Achievement Record

Research and CPD on the Pre –U and the AQA Bacc.

Prototype and liaison with HEI’s for the GEAR / progress

Driving Lesson USP Plan. Liaison with schools of motoring.

Sixth Form Sporting Offer Plan.

Voluntary communi ty service plan in place

Business, careers, work and financial package.

Jan – Sept 2013

Sept 2013 – Jan 2014

Sept 2013 – Jan 2014

Jan – Sept 2013

Sept 2014

Jan 2014
–June 2014

Full strategic plan in place for delivery. (both offered in prospectus)

Full template and training for the Sixth Form Tutors.

Cost effective SLA with school of motoring.

1. Full offer in prospectus

2. Plan in place

PSHE plan in place and deliverable.

AQA back delivery costs

Training costs

Marketing budget costs.

Training on Pre-U and AQA Bacc

HEAR training for Sixth Form leaders


Thriving extracurricular and aspirations program

Students make valuable contributions to their community

Enjoy and achieve measures fulfilled.


Ensure meaningful, aspirational and sustainable partnerships are established.

Way to Work partnership plan.

University partnership plan.

Careers and business partnerships to be developed.

Sporting links plan

Ex – C links i.e. D of E

Sept 2013 –June 2014

0% NEET and right students on apprenticeships.

Links made, presence at careers days, visits in place.

0% NEET, work placements and internships.

Participation rates and AQA bacc success.

Training costs from training budget.

Training costs from training budget.

RONI training for appropriate staff.

Apprenticeship leadership training for appropriate staff

AQA back training.


All students placed in work, training, FE or HE immediately after leaving.

100% acceptance for those choosing HE.