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The Grey Court Learning Resource Centre is a real hub of learning and activity. The LRC not only provides a space for students to be up to date on anything Literacy and Library related that is going on in school, it is also an excellent area for students to work, read and spend time with their peers before, during and after school. Boasting 45 computers, a well-stocked fiction and non-fiction library, many labelled for Accelerated Reader, which is also based in the LRC, we are happy to say the LRC is a favoured area amongst the majority of our students. The LRC is manned by our librarian Mr Johnson, a bookworm with a passion for information of all kinds and a hope to inspire our students to be the same.

Our LRC aims to be everything a student might need in a library and more. Our AR programme for all year 7 and 8 students allows us to understand students’ reading levels and acquire the appropriate stock to match them. The 15 quiet reading lessons that take place in the LRC help add to the ‘reading culture’ that is so important in a library; these lessons are a perfect induction for the lower years into LRC procedures and expectations.

Before and after school students are encouraged to use the space to complete homework, with afterschool homework clubs running throughout the week. The LRC is a natural space to do this in as it offers all the technology and book-based resources students could need.

The LRC also produces the weekly Book Stag; an exciting magazine that keeps the school community up to date with all book-related news from the Word of the Week to the Book of the Week and anything relevant in between. The Book Stag is included in the weekly ebulletin so parents can also access it.

The LRC has a host of events going on throughout the year. This ranges from involvement in the borough-wide Cover Story Competition, Book Week and World Book Day, to our most recent endeavour: our National Literacy Trust Book Bench, which will be decorated by students and displayed in the New Year. Our staff are committed to enabling students to develop a genuine love of reading and research; involvement in events mentioned is a key element of this and we are always trying to find new things for the LRC to be a part of.

To keep up to date with anything LRC related, follow @GreyCourtLib on Twitter and be sure to check the Book Stag weekly.

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