Important Messages: The school is now closed to all students except those of key workers.
Head Prefects

Welcome to the Grey Court School Website. As the Head Prefects we wish to give you an insight into what our school will provide.

From the moment we joined, Grey Court School has been ever improving. Be it in terms of academic success or extra-curricular events, we see Grey Court School as an outstanding environment for all students. Grey Court School has a friendly and mature working atmosphere which is supported by both the dedicated staff and students.

As members of the Collegium(School council) we now hold a central role in the running of the school and have an active involvement in the decision making that benefits our growing community. Along with the selected prefects we will work together to voice student’s opinions. We will work along side the teaching staff to ensure issues are addressed and will input on new and exciting projects in the near future.

If you are interested in sending your children to Grey Court know that they will be a part of a supportive and diverse school. A school that puts its students at the forefront of education and enables them to develop into mature young-adults with the acquired skills. Your children will become an active member of a fantastic school and will discover their own role whether it be through arts, academia or sports to thrive.

Senior Prefects
Head Boy & Head Girl
Jess Knott
Sam Pepper
Deputy Head Boys and Head Girls
Joe Whittaker
Oscar Cano Mole
Grace Hennessey
Ellen Woodley
Antonia Prosser
China Luckman
Ciara Bowes
Dasha Soloyov
Eghosa Ewansiha-Vlachavas
James Lewis
Leah O'Grady
Ted Tavendale

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