Important Messages: The school is now closed to all students except those of key workers.

Our sixth form offers more structure than a college provision, allowing for a more progressive, staggered transition from GCSE to post-16 courses. At Grey Court Sixth Form, we have further enhanced this by timetabling supervised study periods where some of each student's "free" time is spent under the guidance of teachers who help, organise and cajole in equal measure when necessary.


We provide students with the freedom to think and create within the organised structure of a school day. Within this structure there is a great deal of flexibility with students being given time to work independently when they are not in sixth form lessons. Independent work takes place in supervised study periods where mentors are on hand to help organise students, to maintain a calm atmosphere and to encourage their charges to solve academic problems. All sixth form students register with their tutor at 8:25am. In their first term of study, students work towards gaining their A-level license. This is awarded to those learners with excellent attendance and punctuality and who have developed their A-level study skills. These students' work habits are rewarded when they are given the option to leave the school site to work at home or in the local library, if they do not have taught lessons. The A-level license is really valued by our students as they know this is a signifier of their strong academic potential.

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