Important Messages: The school is now closed to all students except those of key workers.
Extra Curricular Activities

Studies around the world have shown that students who take part in extra curricular activities do better academically than those who do not, and interestingly, it has been shown further that those who do the best take part in both sport and no sport- related school based extra curricular activities.

The benefits include:

Being occupied and interested rather than bored which can lead some children to getting into trouble Above all, for us at Grey Court, we believe strongly that students who engage positively in the full life of the school will enjoy school more, benefit enormously, be happy and therefore do well.

So much so do we believe in the importance of providing these opportunities for our students, that we have included in our home-school agreement the aspiration that every student in the school will participate in at least one extra curricular activity in the year.

So much is offered at Grey Court – not only in quantity, but in range and variety- something to suit everyone. There is the usual Sports, Music and Drama- but lots more. House sporting and non -sporting events for those who do not make the school teams, bucket drumming at lunchtimes for those who do not play a musical instrument, cooking club to textiles club, creative writing club to film club to Latin club during which students prepare for a GCSE in Latin. New this term is Sign Language Club on Friday lunchtimes where students can learn basic sign language every week. There is something there for everyone and we are continuously adding to the list. Please see the weekly eBulletin for the latest information.

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