Important Messages: The school is now closed to all students except those of key workers.
Food For Life

Grey Court Community Allotment is managed by Ham United Group, bringing volunteers to work on the allotment on Saturday mornings and as a lunch time club for students attending Grey Court and Strathmore School.

Our community allotment provides a wonderful opportunity for students with special education needs to work with community leads and Grey Court Learning Support staff, to grow and harvest fresh fruit and vegetables.

Students are able to build on their personal development and well being, independence and social skills as well as strengthening their communication skills.

Through a process of active learning outside the classroom, students undertake a range of activities including:

Every summer students attending the Grey Court Community Allotment take part in a collaborative enterprise project with Whole Foods Market in Richmond, coordinated by the charity School Food Matters. This provides students with the opportunity to harvest produce from a local farm, make chutney and design labels to decorate the jars which are then sold at Whole Foods Market in Richmond to generate revenue for tools and seeds to be used on the Grey Court Community Allotment.

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