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Strategic Implementation Plan

Grey Court is a successful and well established school. As we move in to the next stage in our development we are as ambitious as ever for our students and staff. We see the school as a central resource for learning and support in the local community and continue to strive for excellence in all we do.

Background and Current Position

Grey Court has made excellent progress in the last 10 years however we are not complacent and seek to ensure that the next 3 years are as productive as possible. As a community i.e. governors, parents staff and students we have developed our core values and these form the basis for all our planning and review. These values and the review process are now incorporated in to the Every Child, Every day Academy Trust.

The plan is set out broadly around the five key strategic themes:

  1. To establish a high expectations and success culture
  2. To develop an aspirational and inspirational
  3. To develop a sustainable and high quality distributive leadership
  4. To build an innovative and life-long learning community
  5. To create and sustain an outstanding post 16 provision

All of the school's work continues to focus essentially on improving the quality of its provision in order to enable all pupils to achieve the highest possible standards of attainment and achievement.

The outcomes of which will be

  • Our vision statement is shared and lived by all
  • Academic excellence is achieved by all students
  • There is high participation by students, staff and parents
  • Our environment is reflective of our ethos.
  • The school community works in partnership with the local community in the development of our school.
  • Relationships are characterised by trust, challenge and respect
  • Student voice is active and valued. This will be seen in Collegium student working parties and Governing body meetings.
  • All staff and students enjoy a reasonable work life balance.
  • The school collaborates and shares activities with other students in identified schools nationally and globally.

All Heads of Faculties have been asked to identify in their own one year plans how they will contribute to a number of the schools key priorities for 2012/13.

Underpinning all of our work is the need to secure for funding to resource our learning community and enable staff and students to be successful within a building which is "fit for purpose". Led by the Finance and operations section of the team the we intend to:

  • Establish the premise that ICT underpins all our work incorporating a system that is fit for purpose and electronic technology that delivers, supports and empowers learning and teaching
  • Ensure that there is a 5 year maintenance plan is in place.
  • Increase our income from parents and local supporters
  • Effectively bid regularly for new sources of funding.

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