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Student Care, Guidance & Support

A key feature at Grey Court School is the quality of care, guidance and support that is available to students from the moment they join us. We provide a strong network of pastoral care with the core purpose of ensuring that students feel happy, safe and able to achieve. Of central importance is the fostering of high quality relationships between students, their peers and staff which allows everyone to feel a sense of pride in their school community and how it develops. Click here to view a short clip on Restorative Approaches or Click here for the Relationship Policy.

Student support at Grey Court begins with the Tutors who provide the all-important daily contact with the students. They monitor attendance, punctuality and behaviour and generally help to ensure that students are happy and progressing at school. They also provide the first point of contact for parents.

The Student Support Officers (SSO’s) provide the next layer of student support. They are available at each Key Stage, Transition, KS3 and KS4 and are highly experienced in dealing with more complex matters of student health, safety, behaviour and wellbeing. They work closely with teachers, students, parents and multi-agency teams.

SSO’s are able to provide on-site support in the following areas:
SSO’s also provide support through working with multi-agency teams such as:

The Phase Leaders provide the next layer of pastoral support. They oversee each of the Key Stages and work closely with the SSO’s. Phase Leaders focus on ensuring individual academic attainment through rigorous tracking of student behaviour, attendance and progress and the implementation of individualised study support programmes. (LINK - PL pics and PL to add further details for each Key Stage)

The extensive network of care, guidance and support at Grey Court is led at each Key Stage by a Senior Teacher who oversees the work carried out by members of the pastoral support team to ensure that any barriers to student learning and wellbeing are removed.

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