Important Messages: The school is now closed to all students except those of key workers.
Severe Weather Information

Circumstances can arise from time to time when it becomes necessary to close the school due to extreme weather or other unforeseen events. In the event of severe weather we shall do everything we can to remain open, but if at any time you wish to check if the school is open you can do so in the following ways.

Grey Court School uses OpenCheck, a service operated by LGfL to provide up-to-date information to parents or carers, indicating whether a school is open or closed. In order to check our current status, simple Click Here to navigate to the OpenCheck website, select "Richmond Upon Thames" as the borough and "Grey Court School" as the school.

You can also check the status of the school by calling 020 8408 7508 and keying in the school's DCSF code: 3184006

Please check the main school switchboard and website for regular updates

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