GCSE Exam Results 2021

“Building on our A level results earlier this week, in which a record number of Grey Court students achieved places at their first choice universities, we are delighted to announce more sustained success at GCSE.  Indeed, I am thrilled that our students have achieved an outstanding set of GCSE and BTEC results.  The fact that year 11 pupils, across all ability levels, made exceptional progress is commendable in a year where the educational landscape has been volatile and unpredictable.


The class of 2021 is definitely the most resilient and robust group I have worked with.  Rather like our Olympians and Paralympians, who have adapted and persevered in order to achieve success, I have felt invested and inspired by a host of marvellous individual student performances.  As a headteacher I find the narratives behind all of our students' achievements so compelling, both in terms of their own talents, application and creativity as well as the network of family, school staff and members of our local community that have supported, cajoled, inspired and buoyed them along the way. 

It is now important that we support students through the next few days and weeks which will involve - a (hopefully) smooth transition - into the next stage of their education.  Please reach out to us if your child or family needs any kind of support and guidance at this time. I have noted just how well last year’s GCSE cohort have transitioned into confident, positive and autonomous individuals despite some gloomy pronouncements by the media at the time, and I am confident that the class of 2021 will mature in a similar manner.

In short, performance across all disciplines and ability bands has highlighted our inclusivity and reminded me of the ‘Faster, higher, stronger - together’ philosophy of the Olympics.  These results are our best ever and should be celebrated as such.  Please do take the time to praise your children as exceptional achievements in exceptional circumstances should be lauded.  Well done everybody!

 Christopher Rhodes