Bursaries are awarded to help students stay in post 16 education. There is a government funded vulnerable student bursary, plus two bursaries that are specific to Grey Court sixth form. They are all dependent on student attendance and behaviour. The school has set the attendance benchmark at 95%.

The three main types of bursary are:

  • Vulnerable student
  • Discretionary 
  • Ad hoc.

Vulnerable student bursary

Available for students in the following groups:

  • Looked after (in care)
  • Care leavers
  • In receipt of Income Support or Universal Credit
  • Disabled and in receipt of both Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payments.

Students can receive up to £80 a month. They may also be able to apply for additional funds for specific educational resources, text books, materials, trips and related course costs.

Discretionary student bursary

We make this bursary available for students who receive free school meals. The bursary is to support educational resources, books, trips and related course costs. The cost is determined on a case by case basis. 

Ad hoc bursary 

These one-off payments are for students experiencing unforeseen financial hardship. They may be used for trips or travel to school.


For further information please contact the sixth form manager, Ms T McNicol at tmcnicol@greycourt.org.uk.