Community support

At Grey Court we very much see ourselves as being at the heart of our local community. We expect our students to be mindful of our neighbours at all times, showing courtesy during their journeys to and from school and in the shops and parks. Each year we host a number of events for local primary schools, residents from nearby care centres and local families.

Primary school challenges

Our successful maths and English primary school challenges are eagerly anticipated by local primary school children and their families. Each school sends a team of children to compete against each other in maths and English themed quizzes. The evenings are generally a great deal of fun for the children and their parents and carers. They are a gentle introduction to Grey Court and encourage partnerships between the school and families which we hope will prove long lasting. 

Care home residents

The annual Christmas party for care home residents brings a great deal of joy to our older neighbours. The afternoon is hosted by our students who showcase their many talents by putting on a Christmas show, singing carols, holding musical recitations and cooking an enormous feast of savoury and sweet delights. Our younger students take a great deal of pleasure from serving and chatting with their guests. A particular highlight is the bingo game, again organised by our younger students. At the end of the afternoon each guest is given a goody bag of Christmas themed delights to take home as a reminder of their time at Grey Court.

Summer festival

The Grey Court summer festival, GFest, is an opportunity for our students, their families and our neighbours to relax and enjoy some summer fun. We have music, games, food and drink to entertain and while away a few hours in the sun at the end of a busy academic year.