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School address:

Grey Court School
Ham Street 
Richmond Upon Thames 
TW10 7HN

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Main Number: 020 8948 1173
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Senior leadership

Head Teacher Mr C Rhodes ext402
PA to the Head Ms T Jansen Van Rensburg ext 200
Associate Head (Mondays) Mr G Bashford ext 202
Associate Head and DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead) Ms V Price ext 203
Deputy Head Mr R Clements ext 510
Deputy Head Mr R Jacob ext 566
Deputy Head Mr T Gordon-Walker ext 206
Director of Wellbeing and DDSL (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead) Ms S Mercer ext 403
Assistant Head (Inclusion) Ms R Gonyora ext 800
Assistant Head (Sixth form) Ms J Higham ext 626
Assistant Head (Training School) Ms A Hurley ext 602
Assistant Head (KS4) Ms D Weston ext 405
Associate Assistant Head (Extra curricular and Enrichment) Mr K Bhumbla ext 623
Associate Assistant Head (Training and Learning and PDW) Ms H James ext 880
Associate Assistant Head (Transition) Mr J Holden ext 412

Heads of year

Head of year 7 Mr S Day ext 400
Head of year 8  Mr A Ridley ext 620
Head of year 9 Ms C Woods ext 618
Head of year 10 Ms L Comrie ext 404
Head of year 11 Ms L Clark ext 399
Head of year 12 Mr B Taylor ext 621
Head of year 13 Ms P Moore ext 626

Heads of department

Head of Computing and DT Mr R Clements ext 510
Head of English Ms S Rose ext 410
Head of Humanities            Ms R Hawkins ext 881
Head of Languages Ms A Lopez ext 544
Head of Mathematics Ms L Scott ext 513
Head of PE Mr S Willmore ext 884
Head of Science Ms A Moran ext 407
Head of Visual and Performing Arts Mr P Millar ext 570

Associate staff managers

Cover Manager Ms A Gray ext 700
Finance office Mr R Williams ext 303
IT Network Manager Mr Y Oulounis ext 300
Lettings and Development Ms M Thomas ext 201
Office Manager Ms T Sanders ext 100
Site Manager / Premises Mr G Griffiths ext 312

SEND department

Director of Inclusion Ms R Gonyora ext 800
SENDco Ms P Cook ext 612
Deputy SENDco Ms S Munday ext 610
PA/SEND Administrator Ms M Johnson ext 611
Student Resource Provision Lead Teacher Ms S Stewart-Smith ext 205