Head of English
Ms S Rose


All students study English language and literature from year 7 through to year 11. We instil a love of reading and an appreciation of the power of the spoken word which our students carry through into the world of work and their further studies. We introduce our students to fiction and non fiction and take them on a journey of discovery ranging from some of our earliest literary greats to contemporary writers of novels, poems, plays and essays. 


English is taught in specialist classrooms with interactive smart boards and vivid displays to stimulate debate and discussion of literary and linguistic topics.

Key Stage 3

Students are introduced to the fundamental elements of writing for meaning and explore various genres of literature. They study Shakespeare, Dickens, Orwell, Steinbeck, and Priestley as well as looking at poetry and non fiction, such as writing in times of conflict and exploring the gender debate through the written word.

Key Stage 4

Students’ understanding of literature is deepened at GCSE, with focused concentration on set writers, understanding their viewpoints and analysing textual methods. Students work on a formal presentation and hone their creative writing skills.

English Literature GCSE specification
English Language GCSE specification