Skills for life

At Grey Court we firmly believe that life beyond the classroom is of vital importance if students are to achieve their best and reach their full potential.

We want to create rounded citizens of the future, individuals who are healthy, happy and self confident enough to care for themselves and others. Our substantial and varied enrichment programme helps our students to develop good communication skills and a sense of team spirit, and to respond positively to challenges. Our activities build resilience and perseverance, skills which our students will draw on for life.

Broadening horizons

Trips, clubs, debates and conferences are all an essential part of the curriculum and are used to help stretch our students and broaden their horizons. Through these opportunities we expose our students to a world of possibilities, cultures and customs which may be unfamiliar, but which will benefit their personal growth and enrich their learning experience.

New interests

We run a whole host of out-of-school clubs catering for a wide variety of skills and interests. These include choir, orchestra, drama, poetry, gymnastics and cross country, plus film and writing clubs.

Celebrating diversity

We have a diverse student body and are keen to celebrate the heritage of individual students. Our annual multi cultural evening is an opportunity for our students to share with pride, aspects of their heritage and home culture. We have a huge array of food, music, dance and celebration to highlight the backgrounds of our students and their families.

Supporting wellbeing

The emotional and mental health of our students is a key focus at Grey Court and our outstanding wellbeing provision provides a well managed and structured approach to student support.

Please take a look at some of the innovative programmes offered at Grey Court.