Head of Geography
Ms C Angus 


Geography is the study of the physical and human environment around us. It fosters an understanding of the interplay between the two and the global importance of harmony between them. Geography is essential to our future in terms of responding to climate change, the growth of global superpowers and the fluctuating geopolitical landscape. It is also important for students to understand their place in the local environment, and the challenges and opportunities provided.


Students are taught in two specialist classrooms with all the resources they need at their fingertips.

Key Stage 3

Students develop the fundamentals of geographical exploration through a combination of fieldwork and classroom based learning. They develop an understanding of the physical world through topics such as rivers, coasts, tectonics and the living world. Human geography is covered through topics such as urbanisation, development and globalisation. There is an in depth study of places, including Russia and Africa. Crucially, our students are introduced to the implications of geographical changes which can result in conflict on a global and national scale.

Key Stage 4

At GCSE our young geographers deepen their understanding of the physical and human environment and the challenges they face. During year 10 there are two opportunities for fieldwork, involving a river study at Amersham and an investigation into urban change in Stratford.

GCSE specification