House system

The house system aims to enhance student achievement and motivation through promoting  inter-house competition. The four houses are  Aztec, Roman, Spartan and Trojan. 

Allocating a house

In order to promote a strong tutor group ethos, whole tutor groups are allocated to the same house. Each house consists of two tutor groups from each year, one from A band and one from B band.

House points

House points are an important part of motivating students in their day to day lessons. Staff allocate house points to reward student achievement such as: sustained effort, exemplary work, high attainment or excellent class participation. Points are also awarded for representing the school at extra-curricular activities and showing respect and courtesy. A high number of points results in the award of a certificate at end of term celebration assemblies.

House competitions

Each year we hold a number of inter-house sporting and faculty competitions. Each of these contributes points towards the final totals which decide the overall winning house. All members of that house are awarded a fun afternoon out during the following academic year.