Head of Mathematics
Ms L Scott


Maths is studied from years 7 to 11. We want each of our students to leave with an understanding of the importance of numeracy in everyday life. Maths skills are highly valued in the workplace as they demonstrate an ability to solve problems, to analyse information and to think in a logical manner. Mathematicians are able to take abstract ideas and link them to real life scenarios, making them extremely marketable to future employers and universities.


Maths is taught in our two-storey maths block where each of the six classrooms is set up for interactive teaching and learning.

Key Stage 3

Students begin with basic mathematical principles such as ratio, graphs and equations, and gradually move on to more complex concepts of geometry and probability. By the end of Key Stage 3 students will be working on quadratic equations, trigonometry and data analysis amongst other mathematical skills.

Key Stage 4

Students deepen their mathematical prowess by working on all major mathematical theories and concepts. They are fully prepared for the rigours of GCSE maths by the end of year 11.

GCSE specification