Head of Music
Mr P Millar


Music is essential to us as humans. We have been making and enjoying music for millenia. At Grey Court we aim to nurture an enjoyment and understanding of music in order to enrich the lives of our students. We help them realise their potential through creativity and expressing their feelings and ideas. Grey Court musicians have numerous opportunities to explore, make and enjoy music through our choir, orchestra, ensembles and music lessons.


We have two large music rooms equipped with a suite of keyboards, a band room and separate drum room. We have a number of soundproofed music studios for students to practise their instruments. Students also have access to a full range of instrumental lessons with visiting teachers from Open 2 Music - including piano, string, brass, guitar, percussion and keyboard lessons.

Key Stage 3

Students are encouraged to listen and respond to music in various contexts. They are guided through the technicalities of composing and performing music and are introduced to music technology, music for film and stage, and world music. They also study some of our greatest composers from the western classical tradition. 

Key Stage 4

Students who pursue music at GCSE concentrate on composition, performance and detailed analysis of eight set pieces. They study music from Baroque opera,  West End theatre, glam rock, the concerto, Celtic fusion, Latin jazz, film music and the romantic piano music of Beethoven. Students also have access to a music technology suite (Apple Macs) for composition development through the use of Noteflight, Sibelius and Logic Pro.

GCSE specification