Head of Science
Ms A Moran


Science helps us explain and understand the world. It is an essential part of everyday life and impacts on nearly everything we do. Scientists are highly sought after for their innovative thinking, their logical minds and their practical application of theories and abstract concepts. At Grey Court we run both the combined and separate courses at GCSE.


We have a dedicated science block in the main school with eight fully equipped laboratories, each furnished with practical facilities to enable engaging scientific investigations. We also have an additional three state of the art laboratories in the sixth form block.

Key Stage 3

Students follow a structured curriculum during years 7-9. There is a gradual increase in scientific knowledge and application, plus a mixture of practical and theory work. All three specialisms of biology, chemistry and physics, are taught on a rolling topic rota.

Key Stage 4

Students gain an in-depth knowledge of the three sciences which are taught as separate lessons by subject specialists. Students cover essential topics such as health and disease, genetics, the periodic table, particles, radioactivity and electricity.

Biology GCSE specification
Chemistry GCSE specification
Physics GCSE specification
Combined Science GCSE specification