Sport scholarship

Our sport scholarship programme is aimed at high achieving students in year 7.

The programme rewards enthusiastic and committed athletes with a supplemented, sports focused curriculum. The scholarship programme links with our elite player development programme in year 8, where students specialise in their chosen sport and benefit from expert, external coaching. Each year we allocate a prestigious award to the top sport scholar for year 7 at our annual sports celebration event. 

Having the extra PE lessons helped me to develop in rugby and I have since joined  the Harlequins Rugby Academy.


Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate particular talent within the realm of sporting and athletic activities,  and can make a significant contribution to the sporting success of the school. This may be demonstrated in any practical activity including team games, athletics, swimming, gymnastics and dance; or if students have a strong aptitude to become a top level performer as shown through our testing process. 

On receipt of a scholarship, students are monitored in their respective sports and academic work to ensure their continued suitability for the scholarship programme. 

Who is it for?

  • Individuals that play or participate in a sport or activity on a regular basis (at least 2-3 times a week) at school or at club level.
  • Individuals that have an interest in at least two other sports.
  • Individuals who show a high level of athleticism - good fitness and skill levels - or the ability to develop these.

The scholarship programme introduced me to basketball and I began playing for Richmond Knights U16 NBL team


What does it involve?

  • Three extra PE lessons per week
  • A strength and conditioning session
  • A range of  sports and activities
  • Scholarship sports
  • Three sports clubs per week
  • Represent the school in several teams
  • Be exemplary pupils at school in terms of behaviour and meeting target grades.

 The sports scholarship programme helped me improve my leadership skills, which led me to becoming captain of our successful U15 rugby team.