Sports stars

A number of our students have achieved tremendous sporting success following their time at Grey Court.

Please follow the links below to read about some of our sporting stars.

Declan Rice

England footballer Declan started his career at Grey Court

Declan currently plays for West Ham and has played for Chelsea too.

“I used to love football at Grey Court, we had one of the best school teams in the country at the time.

I used to love it so much, I'd try and get the teacher, Mr Willmore, to change the times of the kick off so that I could play for Grey Court before going on to my training session at Chelsea.

I still speak to Mr Willmore to this day and we're really good friends. He loved it and always tried to get the best out of his teams so I loved school football too.

I’ll always be thankful to everyone who has helped me along the way over the years to help me achieve my dreams now.”


Jack Dickson

800m runner Jack is ranked 16th in the world at U18 level 

"Grey Court has supported me in my running and my academic studies. Now I am ranked 16th in the world for 800m at U18 level. I will be pursuing my running career and education at Colorado State University-Pueblo, on a full scholarship, an opportunity I would not have dreamed of when I first joined in year 7. 

The standout moment of my time at Grey Court was winning the 4 x 400m British relay event at the Olympic stadium during the anniversary games in 2019.  The Grey Court team, Max Dickson, George Rees, Kimanie Smith and myself, ran the fastest time by a school ever in the UK, beating the time of the Scottish and Irish national teams.”

Jorja Fox

Footballer Jorja combines a successful academic career with a rigorous football training schedule

“I am in the Chelsea women’s super league academy and the England lionesses U18 squad. 

I train each week with Chelsea women 1st team alongside the likes of Fran Kirby, Sam Kerr and Beth England.

Being involved in elite football whilst studying for 3 A levels and a diploma has required 100% commitment and continual hard work, but I enjoy being challenged and use this to help me grow and develop. Grey Court’s support and encouragement has been invaluable in my journey, helping me to excel in both areas.

Football has always been my passion and I continue to work towards my ambition of becoming a professional footballer.”


Luke Green

Rugby prop Luke has represented England at U18 and U20 level

“Sport at Grey Court was a huge part of my time there, it was what attracted me to the school in the first place and one of the main reasons why I have such fond memories which I will cherish forever. The excellent sports department allowed me to experience different sports, I particularly enjoyed athletics and rugby and was encouraged to work hard and be successful.

If it wasn’t for the PE department giving me opportunities to play/compete while training regularly I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today.”


Eddi Morrissey

Netball champion Eddi plays at a national league level

“My big break came because of Grey Court. Ms Shaw sent my name through to Surrey County trials, and I had to compete against over 200 other girls my age and I got through.

My netball went from strength to strength and I won a netball scholarship to an independent sixth form school, Royal Russell.

I now play netball at regional 2 level, which is the third highest league in the country, and I am training to be a PE teacher.

Without a doubt my inspiration to pursue my sports, and to become a PE teacher, has been led by the quality and the dedication of the teachers at Grey Court.”

Violet Stutz

Basketball champion Violet plays for team GB

“Grey Court has helped me immensely with my basketball, from weekly training sessions with Richmond Knights basketball coaches, to strength and conditioning workouts at school. Morning basketball sessions with Mr Sheldon and the Knights coaches have kept me fit when my season ended.

These sessions have improved my physical strength and encouraged me to be a leader. They have helped me qualify for the U14 and U15 England basketball teams and recently the U16 GB team. 

I am thankful for the opportunities and challenges Grey Court has given me.”