Student roles

Student leaders are the public face of the school, meeting visitors, leading school tours, supporting younger students and running sporting events. We encourage our students to get fully involved in the life of the school by taking on positions of responsibility as they progress through the year groups. Students welcome these opportunities for personal growth and development and are keen to get involved and support their teachers and peers.

Transferable skills

By taking on an additional role students develop skills in leadership, communication, time management and delegation. They are able to strengthen their relationships with the staff body and enjoy supporting teachers and younger students during homework clubs, assemblies and breaktime activities. Many discover a talent for team management, decision making and motivation.

Taking responsibility

The highest and most visible roles are those of head boy and head girl in the sixth form. Each year there is fierce competition to take on one of these coveted positions. The head boy and head girl represent the school at large scale public events and are able to shine through public speaking, interviewing staff and working with the senior leadership team on deciding the future direction of the school.

We have sports captains for each house team to encourage competition, participation and achievement.

Structured support

Our structured leadership support programme begins in year 10 when students are invited to become prefects, mental health leaders, front of house leaders and Strathmore school leaders. Each position comes with its own set of responsibilities and students are expected to rise to the challenge and show the school in its best light.

This partnership between the school and our students is crucial to the strong relationships we foster within our community.