Targeted provision

Individualised support

Our targeted provision is available to all students who would benefit from extra intervention. If a student or parent feels that more individualised support is needed, they can request this via the student support team or the inclusion team. We then work together to create a tailor made programme to support a student's individual needs.

Student support officers (SSOs)

Student support officers are non-teaching members of staff who are available throughout the day to meet with students and parents to discuss any concerns. SSOs are highly experienced professionals who are trained in mental health first aid. They are able to offer one to one support for mental health concerns, behaviour issues, mentoring, restorative meetings and support with families in difficulty. SSOs can signpost and make referrals to multi agencies including CAMHS and social services.

School counsellor

We know that waiting times for counselling services can be difficult for students and we have responded to this by providing a school counselling service. Our counsellor works with students who are experiencing family difficulties, bereavement, or struggling with low self esteem, anxiety and/or low mood. The counsellor typically works with students for 6-8 weeks. Referrals are made by the student support officers with parental consent.

Emotional wellbeing practitioner (EWP)

We are part of the NHS national mental health trailblazer programme. As part of this we are fortunate to have an emotional wellbeing practitioner to work with our students. Our EWP runs six-week programmes for students on topics such as anxiety, resilience and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). Our EWP also runs programmes for parents and provides one to one ssessions for students who need individualised support for their wellbeing. Referrals are made by our student support officers with parental consent.