Head of Textiles
Ms E Casey


Textiles Design is a creative, exciting and stimulating course. Students are invited to explore their personal interests and cultural influences to produce textiles in a variety of  formats using a range of technical skills.


The textiles room is fully equipped to stimulate and support the creativity of our students. There is a bank of hand and machine tools including computer aided design and manufacture (CAD/CAM) equipment, fabrics, threads, dyes and digital technology at students’ disposal.

Key Stage 4

Students who wish to specialise, and take Textiles Design at GCSE, build on the skills and interests formed during Key Stage 3. There are opportunities to develop technical knowledge and practical ability through working with mixed media and producing a portfolio of work. They work on weaving, stitching, printing, constructing and applique. Students explore the cultural relevance of textiles and undertake museum studies to inspire their own work.

GCSE specification