Waiting list

For entry into year 7, following co-ordination, the waiting list will automatically consist of the names of all unsuccessful applicants who have not had a higher preference offer and will be held in criteria order until the end of the academic year.

Parents can request for the names of children who have had a higher preference offer, or who did not originally name the school as a preference, to be added to the waiting list. These names will be added in criteria order. At the end of each academic year, parents of the children in years 7 to 11 will be invited by the borough to reconfirm that they wish their child to remain on the waiting list.

For entry into years 7 to 11, the position of any applicant on any waiting list will be determined using the oversubscription criteria as outlined in paragraphs 1 - 5 on the criteria page.

Waiting lists will be maintained by the local authority until the end of July 2025. If you wish your child to remain on the waiting list for the following academic year you must submit an in-year transfer application in June 2025.